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Energy Incentive Programs
Custom Incentive Program

The Custom Incentives Program offers incentives for projects that include technologies and/or customer specific energy efficiency projects that do not meet the eligibility criteria for Potomac Edison business programs. To qualify for custom incentives, projects must have a payback between one and seven years before applying incentives. All custom project applications must include all technical information and documentation. Projects are incentivized at $0.05/kWh saved.

Some combined heat and power plants (CHP) are now eligible for incentives from the Business Programs. Please see the CHP application form for eligibility criteria.

Possible custom projects include:
Examples of projects/technologies that do NOT qualify for Custom Incentives:

These programs support the EMPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act. Costs will be recovered through a monthly surcharge on customer bills. Participation in these programs can help offset this surcharge.
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